The remodeling process

The process of working on your home can be daunting – both physically and emotionally.That is why it is very important for us to maintain clear communication at all times. When working with Dias Home Repair & Renovations, the process follows organized stages, from your initial call to the project close and the 6 month follow-up. This will ensure a smooth process for all. The stages are as follows:

Dias Home Repair & Renovations, Inc.


1. Initial Contact: When you first contact our office, a member of our team will ask a few questions about your remodeling needs. It is important that we are a good fit for your project. Your information will then be forwarded to one of our designer/salespeople.

2. Site Visit: We will schedule a time to visit your home and discuss how we work, your expectations, your needs, budget, and any concerns or questions you may have about the process. We will also go over a basic scope of work. Please feel free to have any drawings, pictures, ideas with you that help present your needs.

3. Estimate: After the initial visit, an estimate will be created. Depending on the size of the job, this is usually done within a week or sooner of the site visit. This will show what your job will cost and possibly offer a few options. Please understand that our estimate includes the entire cost of the job according to the scope of work discussed at the site visit; however, also note that the estimate can be changed and parts of the work can be altered or deleted to remain within your budget. You will usually see an allowance for items such as fixtures and types of materials on the estimate. If you choose to use items that are more than the allowance, the cost will be added to the estimate once your selections have been made.

4. Selections: Once you have reviewed the estimate and you decide to move forward, you will be given a selection sheet. It will specify each selection you must make for your remodeling project. We will also provide you with recommended suppliers that can assist you with selections. We have established relationships with these suppliers who proudly serve our customers with their needs – and they, too, know our process. As you select the items you wish to use in your project, fill them out on this sheet. This form is a crucial piece to the process! It ensures that you get exactly what you want and expect. Once the sheet is completed, you will turn it back into us and we will proceed to step 5!

5. Contract: Once you have completed the selection sheet and turned it in to our office, we create the final contract. This contract will have the complete and accurate total cost of your project based off of your selections and the scope of work to be completed. A fee schedule is also spelled out in the contract. We will then meet with you to review and sign the contract and also collect the first deposit.

6. Schedule: The job is then placed into our schedule. We will begin to line up subcontractors (if needed) and place orders for any products/items to be used in your job. The amount of time for this phase depends on how full our schedule is and the length of time for the materials to come in for your job (some special order products take longer).

7. Pre-Construction Conference: Each project is unique and requires a slightly different approach to meet the needs of the client. We will meet with you about one week prior to the start of the renovation to set the “ground rules”. This will allow us to note things such as what furniture or household items need to be moved/cleaned out, ways of communication during the process, any pet issues, etc. You may also share with us any ways we may be able to lessen the impact of remodeling on your daily life. At this time, we will provide you with a project schedule.

8. Action: Here’s where the fun begins! Your hard work during the planning and preparation process is over and now you can sit back and let us do all of the work. Our crew will provide you with respect, courtesy, daily progress, and the cleanest and safest job site possible.

9. Substantial Completion Walk-Through: A few days before the renovation is complete, we will set a time to walk through the renovation with you and create a final punch list of any items left to be completed.

10. Project Completion: Hooray! The effort finally pays off! Your home is now presented back to you with a whole new remodel. Enjoy!

11. Exit Packet: You will be presented a final packet that will contain very important information along with an opportunity for you to offer feedback. Included will be information on products used in your remodel, cleaning and care of specific products, 6-month walk through service information, satisfaction survey, and our referral program information.

12. Six Month Follow-Up: As a service to our customers, we provide a six month check-up on our jobs at no additional cost. This means six months after the completion of your job, we will contact you to schedule a walk-through. At this walk-through, one of our team members will come to your house and look for any adjustments that may need to be made on your renovation and also ensure that our work is holding up to our highest standards.